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  • thermal furnaces
thermal furnaces

thermal furnaces-吉祥棋牌官方正版

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hydrogen furnaces

high temperature and high vacuum experts
manufacturers of quality equipment since 1984. we are extremely efficient and have the smallest overall equipment size per work-zone volume on the market. most of our models will roll through a standard door frame with little or no deconstruction. we provide the best warranty in the industry and nearly all repairable parts are stocked for immediate replacement.

hydrogen furnaces
we offers a large range of standard hydrogen/inert atmosphere furnace models, all equipped with the same outstanding user-friendly control features. efficient to run, simple to program, built to the highest standards and have a low cost of ownership compared to competitors. exceeds all industry safety standards. less expensive than a high vacuum furnace if inert and reducing atmospheres can work for your processes.

vacuum furnaces
ultra clean and reliable
have the confidence to run parts in 10-7 torr pressure ranges up to 2000°c at the push of a single button. like our hydrogen furnaces, we are available in many sizes and models, all equipped with the same outstanding user-friendly control features. standard turbomolecular pumps are dependable and nearly maintenance-free with proper care. though most commonly used for clean firing and annealing, our vacuum furnaces are becoming more frequently used for active metal (aba) brazing, which is an excellent alternative to ceramic metalizing.

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