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quality assurance and the development of filters/separators/traps should preferably be performed under test conditions that are relevant to the actual conditions encountered in practice. for this reason, oil separators must be tested at high temperatures of up to 120°c and, depending on the type of application, at high pressures.
with the modular test system hmt 1000, oil separators (e.g. for the separation of blow-by aerosols in internal combustion engines or for the separation of oil mist downstream of compressors) are quickly and accurately characterized and, in particular, successfully tested under practically relevant conditions through isothermal particle measurements up to 120°c:
fraction separation efficiency
burden / hold time
total separation efficiency / gravimetric analysis
pressure loss
thanks to the modular layout, the individual components of the test rig, such as the high-resolution heatable light scattering spectrometer promo® 1000 h, the heatable dilution systems khg 10 d and the heatable aerosol generator plg 2100, can be simply removed from the hmt 1000 and used for other applications, e.g. measurements directly on the engine.
for many years, numerous companies all around the world have profited from the advantages of the heatable and pressure-resistant palas® test components for isothermal and isobaric particle size and particle quantity measurements on oil mists.
palas® hmt 1000 filter test rigs have been used internationally with great success in industry since 2001.
the heart of the hmt 1000 is the light scattering spectrometer promo® 1000 h, which measures the particle size and the number of particles (and therefore the concentration) independently of each other but at the same time. with the aid of the promo® 1000 h it is possible to perform very quick, clear, reproducible and isothermal measurements.
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