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rapid-quench flow kinetic analysis


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  • product description: rapid-quench flow kinetic analysis

rapid-quench kinetic analysis has become the method of choice for examination of enzyme reaction pathways. the kintek rqf-3 quench-flow instrument enables the most definitive experiments to be performed most efficiently, preserving precious biological samples and providing accurate, reliable data. the kintek rqf-3 has become the international standard for analysis of enzyme reaction mechanisms. the unique features of the kintek rqf-3 enable unprecedented studies on dna polymerase mechanisms where the need for performing single turnover experiments is especially significant and minimal volumes are needed to conserve the expensive synthetic oligonucleotide substrates.

the kintek rqf-3 quench-flow instrument uses a computer-controlled servo motor drive, which provides precise and reproducible setting of reaction times. a major advance over stepper motor technology, the high torque, low inertia, brushless servo motor and high performance, digital power supply provides essentially instantaneous starts and stops of the drive syringes.  no other quench-flow provides such performance. coupled to a unique, precision valve system, the kintek rqf-3 provides unparalleled ease of use and reliability.

even "four syringe" type experiments involving three mixing events and two programmed reaction times (double delay quench) can be achieved using the computer-controlled motor drive — without the complications of four drive syringes!  this has been a standard feature of our instruments for over a decade.


computer-controlled servo motor drive system for smooth, reliable performance.

kinetics response time: shortest reaction time 2.5 msec.
minimum sample volume: 15 - 20 microliters per sample per shot.
maximum sample volume: 5 ml per sample per shot.
syringe volumes: 5 ml standard. syringes of 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 10.0 ml volumes are also available.
temperature range: 4 - 70°c range of temperature is maintained by circulating water bath (not provided).



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