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plasma technology

  • plasma for research
plasma for research

plasma for research-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • product description: plasma for research
anyone! anytime! anywhere!
mypl, a plasma device easy to use for everyone!
small and light-weight device that can be hand-carried.
five simple functions can be easily learned through the manual.
atmospheric plasma with the quality of vacuum plasma, is versatile.
safer plasma because of lower-voltage electricity and no ozone or nox leakage.
mypl is a hand-held plasma device that anyone can use easily and safely. it can be attached to scanning, magazine, or rolling systems in the research facilities for the purpose of treating various types of surfaces. functional treatments such as adhesion, etching, reduction, and disinfection can be easily done in the research facilities for better product development.
1. plasma surface treatment made possible under atmospheric pressure
– surface enhancement, removal of organic waste, surface activation
1. research, development, production of prototypes
– touch screen
– flexible display
– printing, nano-printing
– pre-treatment for wire bonding
– acf/cof/cog bonding
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