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semiconductor measurement systemm

  • tof-smis


  • tof-smis
  • product description: tof-smis


surfaceseer is a compact, affordable, tof-sims designed for ease of use and speed of data acquisition. all the spectrometer tuning has been pre-set in the electronics, so that the surface chemistry of insulating, metals and semiconductor samples can be determined quickly and efficiently.

  • very high surface sensitivity (1x109 atoms/cm2 )
  • very simple to use (1/2 day training)
  • conducting and insulating surfaces
  • positive and negative sims
  • >2500 m/δm using time-of-flight reflectron mass analyser
  • mass range >1000m/z
  • mass accuracy of ± 5mamu.
  • analysis area ~75um to 500um
  • elemental and molecular information
  • separates common organics from elements
  • isotopic analysis
  • sputter cleaning capability
  • 5 minute sample pump down from atmosphere
  • 1 minute analysis
  • affordable
  • expandable
  • data libraries available