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material measurement system

  • single kelvin probe system
  • single kelvin probe system
single kelvin probe systemsingle kelvin probe system

kelvin probe-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • kelvin probe
  • work fuction
  • fermi energy
  • product description: kelvin probe, work fuction and fermi energy measurement

our single-point kelvin probe systems (kp020 and kp mini) are the introductory systems to the kp technology range. the off-null signal detection method allows very high quality measurements of the work function/fermi level of materials.

the economical system enables users to quickly record non-scanning data and the dedicated software allows full digital control of all parameters to match the exact requirements of the sample under investigation. the recorded data is easily exportable to analysis software.

for rapid events, the kp020 can record work function at a rate of over 300 work function measurements per minute, or, alternatively, the system will track slow work function evolution over a number of days. the kp mini system offers the same features but with a 55% smaller footprint in our 300 x 300 mm optical enclosure.

there is an in-built height regulation feature to control the tip to sample spacing during measurements which allows stable, reliable and repeatable data.

latest materials and applications from publications

perovskite solar cells, molybdenum disulfide, organic photovoltaics, n-type doping, hole-transport, oleds, transistors, copper oxide thin films, graphene, quantum dots, solar cells.