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filter and filter media test rig

  • filter  test rig
filter  test rig

filter test rig-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • product description: filter test rig

filter test system|complete filters

palas enables the determination of the fractional separation efficiency of compressed air filters under atmospheric conditions, within a temperature range of -130°c to 250°c or within a pressure range of up to 10 bar overpressure.
the newly developed compressed air filter test system dfp 3000 guarantees the fully automated determination of the fractional separation efficiency of compressed air filters in overpressure up to 10 bar and better than iso 12500. on request, we deliver an additional filter holder for flat filter media.
the fractional separation efficiency is measured with the new aerosol spectrometer welas® digital 3000 p, which is equipped with pressure-resistant welas® aerosol sensors for the up- and downstream measurement.
the system offers a. o. the following particular advantages:
exact determination of particle size and concentration directly in overpressure up to 10 bar
automatic regulation of the sampling flow at pressure changes.

vacuum cleaner test rig tve 3000

by means of the tve 3000 tests of vacuum cleaners can be accomplished according to standard en 60312. in addition, the difference between the separation behaviour of vacuum cleaners with bags and of vacuum cleaners with bags and hepa filter can be determined reliably. thus, the vacuum cleaners may not only be compared exactly but also the single filter stages may be evaluated reliably.
technical parameters:
• measuring range: 0,2 µm – 40 µm
< 1 up to 1.000.000 p/cm3
• volume flow: sampling 5 l/min
• the volume flow of the system is dependent from the vacuum cleaner.
• power supply: 115/230 v; 50/60 hz
• compressed air supply: max. 8 bar
• dimensions (hxwxd): 2100 x 2600 x 600 mm
• weight: appprox. 170 kg

heatable modular testing system for oil nebulizers hmt 1000

with the modular testing system hmt 1000 oil separators can, e. g. for the separation of blow-by aerosols in combustion engines or for the separation of oil vapour behind compressors, be characterized fast and exactly and above all be tested isothermally up to 150°c in step with actual practice:
fractional separation efficiency
loading time / lifetime
total separation efficiency / gravimetry
pressure drop

cif 2000 for car interior filters

for standard tests on car interior filters according to din 71460 part 1 and iso/ts 11155-1 palas® offers the cif 2000 test rig. the volume flow is controlled automatically and adjustable from 60 m3/h to 800 m3/h. by means of the cif 2000 both, the fractional separation efficiency as well as the loading of the complete filters respectively of the filter media, are registred and evaluated.
technical parameters:
• dimensions of the test rig
1000 x 2800 x 4200 mm (wxhxd)
• dimensions of the filter holder: 300 x 600 mm
(others on request)
• material: stainless steel v2a 2 mm
• volume flow: 60 m3/h up to 800 m3/h
• temperature regulation: 18°c up to 90°c
• humidity regulation: 30% up to 70%
• temperature and humidity sensor:
measuring range: -20°c up to 80°c, 0-100% rel. humidity
accuracy: ± 0,1°c (20°c)/ ± 1% rf (0-90% rf) ± 2% rf (90-100% rf)
• barometric pressure gauge: measuring range:
600-1100 hpa; accuracy: ± 0,10 hpa
• differential pressure gauge:
measuring range: < 2500 pa; linearity error:
< 0,2% of the final value
• measurement of the air velocity:
measuring range: 0,5 – 40 m/s
accuracy: < /- 0,05 m/s (up to 20 m/s),
< /- 0,08 m/s (20-30 m/s),
< /- 0,1 m/s (30-40 m/s)
• preconditions: 3 phases, 400 v, neutral, earth connection of approx. 3 kw and provision of pressurized air max. 8 bar