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environment meteorological system

  • air polutiion monitor
  • air polutiion monitor
air polutiion monitorair polutiion monitor

air polutiion monitor-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • product description: air polutiion monitor
aqmesh is a small-sensor air quality monitor (pod) for measuring indoor and outdoor air quality, offering near real-time localised air quality information and data analysis. aqmesh pods measure key pollutants in ambient air using the best small sensor technology combined with data processing derived from extensive global comparisons with reference data. the product combines a robust hardware platform with wireless power options, gprs communication, cloud-based data processing and secure online access. aqmesh pods are manufactured in the uk to an exceptionally high quality based on many years’ experience of developing environmental monitoring equipment for harsh environments and challenging international standards.
measures gases no, no2, nox, o3, co, so2, co2 and h2s using the latest generation of electrochemical sensors
measures particulates pm1, pm2.5, pm10 and tpc with a light-scattering optical particle counter
measures relative humidity, pod temperature, atmospheric pressure and noise
various power options, including battery and solar
wireless communications
secure online data access
proven performance and accuracy against reference equipment
global supply and support
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