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  • electron energy spetrometer
electron energy spetrometer

electron energy spetrometer-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • product description: electron energy spetrometer

electron energy spetrometer

the microcma is a compact (2.75" cf mount) cylindrical mirror type auger (aes, auger electron spectroscopy) analyzer.

the microcma is the most innovative auger analyzer to hit the market in 30 years.

2.75" flange mount cma with a built in 3kv co-axial electron gun.  the combination of these two features is what makes the microcma stand out from the competition.

the fact that the microcma fits on a 2.75" flange means that it can be added to most chambers without needing to add another port to the chamber (most chambers have extra 2.75"ports available).

being small also means that it is possible to make a complete system using just a t and a small ion pump, rather than a conventional large chamber.

the co-axial electron gun makes it easy to align the sample (elastic peak) and also eliminates the need for an off axis electron gun (electron source, power supply and flange).


compact 2.75" cf flange mounted

coaxial 3kv electron gun

cebix filament (runs cooler than lab6)

usb control

ascii commands

proven cma design

application aera:

surface analysis

auger / aes

thin film analysis






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