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pld mbe-吉祥棋牌官方正版

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pld/mbe 2100 deposition system
the pld/mbe 2100 system is the smallest of the three pld/mbe 2000 series systems yet includes all the key features of these systems.  it is based around a 304l ss cylindrical chamber that is 16 inches in diameter and 18 inches high.
the chamber has a top flange that seals against the cylinder by a viton o-ring. for uhv applications, a pair of differentially pumped viton o-rings is provided. an electric hoist is provided to lift the top flange and allow easy access to the internal parts of the chamber.
the chamber includes one 6” cf flange for the addition of a sputter, atom, or ion source, etc. the chamber includes a number of flanges for viewing the target, substrate, and ablation plume, as well as additional accessories such as hp rheed, emission spectroscopy, pyrometry, residual gas analyzers, etc.
inside a pld/mbe 2100 with a 2-inch magnetron sputter source and six-position target carousel
the pld/mbe deposition system comes with a wide variety of options, including:
dual wafer load lock
additional mfc’s
uhv option – base pressure below 5 x 10-9 torr.
flange-mounted 2-inch magnetron sputter source with dc or rf power supply
fiber optic coupled pyrometer
flange-mounted ion source
flange-mounted atomic oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen sources
flange-mounted effusion cells
high pressure rheed package with data acquisition
rf bias substrate for substrate pre-clean and reactive gas formation
excimer laser packages with gas cabinets and alarm systems
nd:yag, fs, and ps laser packages
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