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ultra vacuum products

  • pecvd


  • base vacuum:1e-7torr
  • product description: pecvd

pecvd(plasma enhance cvd)

pecvd systems are capable of depositing high quality sio2, si3n4, or dlc films on up to 8” diameter substrate sizes. to generate plasma, it uses rf shower head electrode or hollow cathode rf plasma source with fractal gas distribution. the platen can be biased with rf or pulsed dc and it is heated resistively or cooled with chilled water circulation. the chamber is evacuated to low 10-7 torr pressure using 250 l/sec turbomolecular pump backed with 3.5 cfm mechanical pump. standard unit comes with one inert gas, three reactive gas lines and four mass flow controllers. the planar hollow cathode plasma source with its unique gas distribution system makes it possible to meet wide range of requirements such as plasma density, uniformity and separate activation of reactive species to cover the broadest possible deposition parameters.

• stainless steel or aluminum chamber
• vacuum 10-7 torr range base pressure
• rf shower head, hcd, icp or microwave plasma sources
• up to 12” (300 mm) diameter substrate holder
• rf biased substrate holder
• water cooled platen
• heated platen up to 800 °c
• heated gas lines
• heated liquid delivery system
• corrosive pump package
• one gas carrier and three reactive gas input with mass flow controllers
• up to 8 mfc’s with vented box and gas manifolds
• load lock and auto wafer load unload door
• pneumatically controlled valves
• pc controlled with labview
• recipe driven, password protected
• fully safety interlocked

• plasma induced surface modifications
• plasma cleaning
• plasma polymerization
• sio2, si3n4, a-si, dlc and other films
• selective growth of cnt

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