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  • e-beam evaporator system
e-beam evaporator system


  • product description: e-beam evaporator system

an evaporator uses an electric resistance heater or high-energy beam to melt material and to raise its vapor pressure to a useful range. this process takes place in a high vacuum state to allow the vapor to reach the substrate without reacting with or scattering against other gas-phase atoms in the chamber while reducing the incorporation of impurities from the residual gas in the vacuum chamber. the kve series evaporation systems are capable of fabricating multi-layer thin films by applying this co-deposition process.
≻ excellent thickness uniformity
the kve series glad e-beam evaporator system provide excellent thickness uniformity of resultant films. if you deposit the thin film under same conditions, you will get a thin films of same characteristics

≻ control the angle of substrate
this system includes the ability to adjust the angle of substrate. so you can deposit the thin film which have various orientation.
≻ always maintain high vacuum degree in process the systems have a process chamber and a loadlock chamber(option).
loadlock chamber(option) is used for sample loading.
so process chamber is maintained high vacuum state always.
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