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semiconductor measurement systemm

  • systems for tribology
  • systems for tribology
  • systems for tribology
systems for tribologysystems for tribologysystems for tribology

systems for tribology-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • product description: systems for tribology

tribometer chamber

module for study of tribological properties between two surfaces in uhv or ambient pressure conditions.

  • applied load from 1 to 10n
  • friction measurements from 0.001 to 2
  • closed loop control of applied load

tribometer chamber features:

  • 2 axes manipulator (with heating) for ball sample holders (up to 1/2")
  • 1 axis manipulator (with heating and cooling) for flat sample holders
  • pressure range from 10-9 mbar up to 1 bar
  • prepared to work with e.g. oxygen, hydrogen, water vapor, simple hydrocarbons and others
  • modular design allows for connecting deposition modules (mbe, pld, sputtering) or analysis modules (xps, ups, arpes, ir etc.)
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