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moke system-吉祥棋牌官方正版

  • product description: moke system

moke systems

uhv system for the in-situ real time magneto-optical kerr effect studies of ultra-thin magnetic films and multilayers with film deposition by e-beam evaporation.

  • base pressure range 10-10 mbar after bakeout at 150 °c
  • magnetic poles arranged perpendicularly to the sample
  • field beetwen magnetic poles > 0,17 tesla
  • 4-axes uhv sample manipulator for flag sample holders
  • sample heating up to 800 °c & cooling with ln2
  • optical system for moke chamber (modulator, polaryzers, photodetector, laser)
  • whole chamber with equipment is mounted on the positioning stage
  • vacuum suitcase for sample easy transport