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  • spin-1200t
  • spin-1200t


  • product description: spin-1200t


spin coater is equipment for making a thin film on a substrate. it is equipment for dropping a solution to be coated on a substrate and evenly coating the entire surface through rotation.

touch panel control , programmable recipe management , easy operation , adopt drain , exhaust hole in bowl , dispenser


  • typespin coater system
  • substrate size 1 ~ 4inch
  • spin speed 300 ~ 10,000 rpm(@without load) an error of less than 3 %
  • spin recipe20 steps, 20 recipes
  • chuck material anodized al, acetal
  • max bowl size18 inch
  • bowl material stainless steel or pvc
  • dispenseroption
  • weight (kg)
  • dimensions (mm)

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