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multi deposition system

multi deposition system-吉祥棋牌官方正版

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multi deposition system

multi deposition systemr is the latest revolutionary system. addition to our product line, the intelsi-s, small vacuum system. deposite its compact
convenient size, easy operation and affordability, functionality is in no way sacrificed. the modular design of the intelsi-s makes it highly configurable to meet specific customer needs and numerous stock options are also available. a fully automated laptop pc helps round out this extremely usable yet robust diminutive package.

≻ easy to operate
≻ no cooling required
≻ precise reproducible coating
≻ fully adaptable to a wide range of specimens
≻ easy loading and unloading of specimens
≻ extreme versatility
≻ high capacity vacuum pumping
≻ fully automated pc control
≻ capable of producing very thin resultant films
≻ suitable for reactive gas deposition (o2, ne etc.)

≻ gold coating for sem
≻ metal deposition such as al, au and so on
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