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  • aq guard
  • aq guard
aq guardaq guard


  • product description: air quality monitor

aq guard

compact indoor air quality monitor. featuring highly precise
fine dust measurement, palas® air quality and infection risk index.

• technology based on the type approved fidas®
200 series (en16450 and mcerts); simultaneous
measurement of cn, pm1, pm2.5, pm4, pm10
• computation of air quality index based on measurements
of particulates, co2, and voc
• high accuracy due to advanced algorithms
• long term stable due to self calibration for measurement
of flow rate, particulates, and gaseous
• 2 years operation without calibration
• operates on ac, dc, or power-over-ethernet

• industry:
– production processes
– bulk material handling (mixing, discharge,
storage, packaging etc.)
– fenceline monitoring
• construction sites: roads, railroads, demolition
• buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels,
offices, public service buildings
• residential buildings near construction sites or
other polluted areas
• public transportation: airports, train stations,
tramway underground stations, cruise ships, passenger
cabin, e.g. in tram, train