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filter and filter media test rig

  • pfmt1000
  • pfmt1000
pfmt1000 pfmt1000


  • product description: pfmt1000


test of respiratory masks better than the standard. exact analysis
of filter mask efficiency for corona virus, size approx. 120
nm up to 160 nm. 8 size channels for efficiency from120nm and
180 nm.

• test rig working principle better than gb 2626, en 143
• testing of fractional efficiency, e.g. efficiency in whole size range of 120 nm up to 40 μm
• exact analysis of filter and filter mask efficiency for corona virus (size approx. 120 nm up to 160 nm) in the size range
between 120nm and 180 nm we have 8 size channels
• future proof: works with any kind of aerosol without adjustments
• further measurement of differential pressure, e.g. as well within different face velocities
• face velocity adjustable between 1.5 - 50 cm/s
• product capable of fast quality assurance and continuous optimization in rd (display of size distribution)
• individual face mask adapter for your product
• attractive 2 years maintenance package for availability of test rig

measurement range (size) 0.12 – 40 μm
volume flow
1 – 35 m3/h (pressurized operation)
inflow velocity 5 – 100 cm/s (others on request)
differential pressure measurement
0 – 2,500 pa
test area of the medium
100 cm²
aerosols dusts (e. g. sae dusts), salts (e. g. nacl, kcl), liquid aerosols (e. g. dehs)
aerosol concentrations:for sae fine without additional dilution up to 1,000 mg/m3 (iso a2 fine)

• test of respiratory masks
• exact analysis of filter mask efficiency for e.g. corona virus
• filter testing for hepa quality