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spro medical products trusts palas®-吉祥棋牌官方正版

spro medical products trusts palas®

palas® provides manufacturers with astm f2299-03 standard monitoring technology to facilitate the export demand

being active in over 40 countries and regions, the hong kong company spro medical products is specialized in research and development, production, and sales of health protection products. this includes disposable face masks, medical masks, folding masks, and medical consumables. after a joint project with palas® in 2020, spro ordered the palas® pmft 1000 mask filtration efficiency test bench for its testing based on astm f2299-03 standard in june this year. 


mask test benches that meet more national and regional standards

spro already has very good experiences with palas® pmft 1000 respiratory mask test bench series. this series already met the en149 mask standard. as the pandemic continued to spread, spro again partnered with palas® in order to better meet the needs of customers around the world. thanks to pmft 1000, more international standards are met now. the new customized pmft 1000 is compliant with astm f2299-03, en149, cwa 17553, gb2626, and 42cfr84 in order to perform the filtration efficiency test andbreathing resistance testing for masks and filtration materials. 


services for global medical companies. equipment for national standards

spro has offices around the world, and its sales services have expanded to more than 40 countries and regions, including the united states, the united kingdom, germany, canada, poland, malaysia, japan, myanmar, and taiwan. relying on its own technical advantages and in line with the innovative development concept, the company has passed the certification of the medical and industrial production systems. 


for a company like spro with multinational business needs and clients all over the world, such as japan, europe, and the united states, the ability to produce products that meet national and regional standards at the same time is key to be competitive in the market. in the field of medical equipment, high-precision and well-measured filter monitoring equipment are required. faced with the different standards in various countries, it could be the case that even though masks have passed some standard tests, but failed to pass the standard tests of the others. with the palas® pmft 1000, these challenges can be mastered with one single instrument. 


advanced technology to win market recognition

palas® is recognized in the market because the instruments of the german aerosol measurement specialist support european and u.s. standards without changing any parts. this makes the test rigs easy to operate. in addtion to providing mass concentration-base filtration efficiency tests, palas® pmft mask filtration efficiency test rigs are designed to test the particle filtration efficiency for more than 32 particle sizes. the palas® pmft system enables testing of respiratory masks better than the national and regional standards in the eu, china, and the u.s., and provides filtration efficiency tests in accordance with en149, niosh (42cfr84), gb2626, and astm f2299-03 standards to support export operations.

the pmft 1000 supports a selection of photometric modes according to requirements and is equipped with two aerosol generators for oil and sodium chloride. it also enables testing of masks and flat-sheet filter media, offers a maximum flow rate range of 450 l/min. it supports simulated breathing resistance testing. for manufacturing industries, pmft 1000 series products can provide information not only on the filtration efficiency of particulate matter under various particle sizes based on filtration efficiency testing and analysis, but can also help the r&d department to test the most penetrating particle size (mpps) of the filter media, which helps them continue to optimize products. facing the pandemic, it is highly important to measure the transmittance based on the particle size.

palas® pmft system for respiratory mask testing 



  • test rig working principle meets en 149/niosh/gb 2626/astm f2299-3/astm f3502-2021/cwa 17553

  • testing of fractional efficiency, e.g., efficiency in the whole size range of 100 nm up to 40 µm

  • we have 32 size channels to do an accurate analysis of filter and filter mask efficiency for corona virus (size approx. 120 nm up to 160 nm) in the size range between 100 nm and 3 µm

  • future proof: works with any kind of aerosol without adjustments

  • further measurement of differential pressure, e.g., as well within different face velocities

  • face velocity adjustable between 1.5 - 50 cm/s

  • the product capable of fast quality assurance and continuous optimization in r&d (display of size distribution)


  • test of respiratory masks

  • exact analysis of filter mask efficiency for e.g., covid

  • filter testing for hepa quality

palas® china will participate in the asia nonwovens exhibition and conference combined with the 19th shanghai international nonwovens exhibition at the shanghai world expo exhibition and convention center from july 22nd to 24th, 2021. palas® will bring a variety of instruments to the exhibition, including the respiratory mask filter test rig pmft 1000 series which are capable of accurately analysis of filter mask efficiency, the mfp series of filter material testing solutions for automotive air filters, air conditioning filters, and filters for general ventilation equipment, as well as the aerosol spectrometer system promo® series for continuous measurement of particle size analysis and concentration determination. pleasevisit palas® at booth 1j10.