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palas® and sgs started a new cooperation-吉祥棋牌官方正版

palas® and sgs started a new cooperation

palas® provides technical support for sgs suzhou ibr laboratory

sgs is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. it is the benchmark for quality and integrity. palas® already has strategic partnerships with many sgs laboratories: in china, india, finland and many other countries. with its advanced aerosol technology, palas® was also the first choice to support the new sgs ibr laboratory in suzhou. experts from palas® china and from palas® germany together provide sgs in suzhou with support and technical equipment for aerosol spectrometer detection and analyses.

palas® instruments improve measurement accuracy and stability

all over the world, companies trust sgs for its independent evaluations and its accurate and reliable testing results. this is why sgs cooperates with palas® for many years already. the german aerosol testing experts meet all relevant standards worldwide: european, us or domestic standards to provide the highest accuracy. sgs also trusts the stability and reliability of instruments made by palas®. they deliver maximum performance in upstream and downstream testing processes of the filter components. the concentration of particles has always been presented accurately. therefore, the filtration efficiency tests by sgs are highly accurate.

outstanding and comprehensive advantages help sgs to enhance its local service

the sgs suzhou ibr laboratory has been using palas® instruments since its establishment. during these six months, the outstandingly reliable results of palas® made a big impression. the instruments from palas® have shown a highly stable performance. sgs is able to further improve its local customer service also thanks to the advanced technology made by palas® which is a driver in the market in terms of quality and innovation.