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increased safety of face masks with nanofibers-吉祥棋牌官方正版

ncreased safety of face masks with nanofibers

how palas® helped nanolayr to improve its high-tech nanofiber media seta

nanolayr is the world's leading manufacturer of high-tech nanofiber media, delivering high-quality to face mask manufacturers, such as halo in the united states, and filter media for hvac systems. to enhance the development and performance of its filtration media, nanolayr recently invested in a new testing solution: the respiratory mask filter test rig palas® pmft 1000. now, with the advanced palas® aerosol measurement technology, nanolayr introduced the seta filtration media, which is a game changer in air filtration.

palas® upgrades nanofiber performance for global health

to enhance the development and performance of its nanofiber filtration media, nanolayr headquartered in auckland, new zealand worked together with the global aerosol expert palas®. nanofiber refers to a linear material with a diameter of nanoscale and a large length with a certain length-to-diameter ratio. the diameters of the nanofiber ranges from 10-300 nanometers, which is 10-100 times smaller than conventional melt-blown microfibers, meaning they are very effective in protecting against viruses. nanolayr'snanofiber filtration material captures 99% of fine particles such as spores, allergens such as covid, bacteria and other toxic particles.

as a leader in measuring and monitoring particles, palas® provided nanolayr different measurement solutions with its technical advantages. the palas® pmft 1000 test tig analyzes mask filter particles, bacteria and viruses, while giving nanolayr the opportunity to immediately test its filters according to the required global standards, rather than sending materials abroad for testing.with the help of the pmft 1000, the preparation process for nanolayr'sproducts to market was rapidly shortened.

“the test rig is key to advancing the performance of our seta nanofiber filter media product which is used in face masks that meet and exceed n95 and n99 standards,” says ray connor, ceo of nanolayr. “it enables us to test the masks to ensure they meet required standards and properly protect people and health workers who are on the frontline of the pandemic in new zealand and around the world.” nanolayr's seta nanofiber is used by face mask and air filter manufacturers to produce premium products. it is a revolutionary approach to air filtration. the advanced technology provided by palas® has helped to achieve this technological innovation. nanolayr invests a lot to improve its products by increasing the performance of its nanofiber filtration media. as part of this, researchers from nanolayr compared the performance of their seta to traditional filtration media using pmft 1000 and gained specific data which they never had before.

palas® pmft 1000 respiratory mask filter test rig


  • test rig working principle meets en 149/niosh/gb 2626/astm f2299-3/astm f3502-2021/cwa 17553

  • testing of fractional efficiency, e.g. efficiency in the whole size range of 100 nm up to 40 µm

  • we have 32 size channels to do accurate analysis of filter and filter mask efficiency for corona virus (size approx. 120 nm up to 160 nm) in the size range between 100 nm and 3 µm

  • future proof: works with any kind of aerosol without adjustments

  • further measurement of differential pressure, e.g. as well within different face velocities

  • face velocity adjustable between 1.5 - 50 cm/s

  • the product capable of fast quality assurance and continuous optimization in r&d (display of size distribution)

  • individual face mask adapter for your product

  • attractive 2-year maintenance package for the availability of test rig


  • test of respiratory masks

  • exact analysis of filter mask efficiency for e.g., covid

  • filter testing for hepa quality

palas® china will participate in the asia nonwovens exhibition and conference combined with the 19th shanghai international nonwovens exhibition at the shanghai world expo exhibition and convention center from july 22nd to 24th, 2021. palas® will bring a variety of instruments to the exhibition, including the respiratory mask filter test rig pmft 1000 series which are capable of accurately analysis of filter mask efficiency, the mfp series of filter material testing solutions for automotive air filters, air conditioning filters and filters for general ventilation equipment, as well as the aerosol spectrometer system promo® series for continuous measurement of particle size analysis and concentration determination. pleasevisit palas® at booth 1j10.