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how tüv set up a mask test lab in china at record speed-吉祥棋牌官方正版

how tüv set up a mask test lab in china at record speed

palas® provides advanced mask filtration efficiency measurement technology to help tüv süd develop testing capabilities during the epidemic

tüv süd (china) is an independent technical inspection association. over the last 150 years, tüv has added value to the partners and customers through a comprehensive portfolio of testing, certification, auditing, and advisory service.

during the epidemic, the demand for efficient testing of masks has increased significantly. therefore, tüv wanted to quickly establish a lab to provide fast and accurate tests that meet the highest standards. palas® supported tüv with its advanced technology.

mastering challenges during the epidemic

since the beginning of 2020, the epidemic has rapidly spread to the world. therefore, at the request of its headquarters, tüv china had the task to establish a mask efficiency testing department quickly. the biggest challenge tüv faced was the lack of professional equipment for the mask testing. “most of the mask filter efficiency test equipment manufacturers cannot guarantee the delivery time in the early stage of the epidemic, and there is no room for negotiation on the price. also, most of the testing rig could not give us sufficient confidence in the accuracy of the aerosol concentration detection,” states the test supervisor of the tüv mask efficiency laboratory.

palas®ensured timely help during the epidemic

when choosing measurement equipment, the focus of the tüv mask efficiency laboratory is the main technical parameters in the mask testing standards, such as particle concentration and particle number. "most suppliers can only build equipment by using common sensing elements on the market, but they are lacking in key technologies," explains the laboratory test supervisor.

since palas® offers high-quality solutions that meet all technical requirements for filtration efficiency testing, tüv was convinced that they have chosen the right partner, and with the pmft 1000 they found exactly the test rig they needed. "no matter from the aerosol generator to the flow control, palas® is very advanced in technology. we believe that there are not many suppliers of measurement equipment at the same level as palas®," the laboratory test supervisor points out.

after recognizing the rich experience and comprehensive filter testing technology of palas® in the particle measurement industry, the relatively short delivery time became one of the important reasons for tüv to choose palas® as their partner. because palas® is able to deliver on time during the global epidemic, tüv was able to develop its own mask testing capabilities timely during the special period. "in just 2 months after the decision, we received the test rig, and the palas® technicians came to install and debug immediately. around one week after the arrival of the pmft 1000, we started to use palas® pmft 1000 for measurement."

at present, the tüv mask filtration efficiency test laboratory conducts tests under en 149 and gb 2626. the palas® technical support team changed and upgraded the software operating process accordingly, and actively participated in the verification of the technical parameters, so that the measurement process could meet the requirements of the tüv standard as much as possible.

mask filtration efficiency tester pmft 1000 at a glance


test rig working principle meets en 149/niosh/gb 2626/astm f2299-3/astm f3502-2021/cwa 17553

testing of fractional efficiency, e.g. efficiency in the whole size range of 100 nm up to 40 µm

accurate analysis of filter and filter mask efficiency for corona virus (size approx. 120 nm up to 160 nm) in the size range between 100 nm and 180 nm we have 8 size channels

future proof: works with any kind of aerosol without adjustments

further measurement of differential pressure, e.g. as well within different face velocities

face velocity adjustable between 1.5 - 50 cm/s

the product capable of fast quality assurance and continuous optimization in r&d (display of size distribution)

individual face mask adapter for your product

attractive 2-year maintenance package for the availability of test rig


test of respiratory masks

accurate analysis of filter mask efficiency e.g. coronavirus

filter testing for hepa quality

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